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A highly flexible WordPress theme and its editor.

About Dottoro

Dottoro was founded in 2007 as an IT company to offer useful tools, services and extensive expertise in software and web development. It houses a team of experts, including members from some of the most prominent companies on the market. In addition, we maintain a network of external consultants and programmers and are in a position to carry out even highly complex projects in digital distribution and innovative websites.

Our mission is to support our users regardless to their skills in creating professional, high-quality web-pages, blogs and any type of documents or information sources.

We do this by providing and all these in one place, here at Dottoro.com.

Accordingly, in January 2008, Dottoro shifted their focus on the construction of a complete reference in HTML, CSS and JavaScript languages with real-life examples, browser support information and detailed descriptions. To follow the rapid evolution of Web technologies and browser applications we always keep an eye on the contents of the reference and maintain them regularly.

During the improvement of the Web tutorial, we started to develop online code solutions utilizing today's latest technologies to create innovative and future-proof applications for web developers. Our goal is to make the most useful web coding services, such as Syntax Highlighter, Code Compressor, Code Beautifier and the browser specific validator, easy-to-use and accessible on one single website.
For this purpose we have first launched the Syntax Highlighter service that helps you create an HTML formatted text from your source code that you can be published to your site without high-level programming skills.. It performs a detailed lexical analysis of the source code based on all the commonly used browsers, and then formats the style of the published code according to the types of the various language elements.

In 2010 the company came to the decision to develop products that provide anyone, at any skill level, an easy way to create professional, high-quality web-pages with simple applications. In accordance with this, in October 2011 we are releasing the Dottoro Theme Editor that provides a highly flexible environment that enables creating every kind of websites, from simple blogs to fully-fledged business websites.

Dottoro is a European company, privately owned and funded.

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If you are interested in our professional or enterprise solutions, please contact us.